Clinton Kehr

Founder and Lead Impact Coach

Clinton Kehr currently works as a non-profit executive, responsible for the learning and development of over 1200 individuals. With a diverse background, Clinton has spent the last 20 years of his life evolving, developing, and working toward the personal life he wanted to live and the job he wanted to hold. In 2018, with a combination of a life design course and wanting to help other people, Clinton started The Liminal One Project, a podcast about leading and managing change. From that point, people were interested in his 1-1 coaching, which he combined with a Designing Your Life (DYL) coaching certification, and in 2019, Clinton started Bridgap, an organization designed to help people change their lives and continue to evolve into the people they want to be.


  • Designing Your Life Certified Coach

  • LifeStyles Inventory (LSW) 360, Human Synergistics

  • Leadership WorkStyles (LWS) 360, Human Synergistics

  • Organization Cultural Inventory (OCI) and Organizational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI), Human Synergistics

  • The Cultural Journey Experience, Human Synergistics

DYL July 2_edited.jpg
DYL Coaches Certification Class - July - Chicago